Virtual Reality for your Daily Tasks – Idea 83/365

When we think of augmented or virtual reality our minds (well at least mine) instantly goes to thinking of games and potentially Star Trek like holodecks. I predict though that the biggest winner in this technology will be more towards our daily life.

What if we could improve mundane tasks with virtual reality? I touched on this idea in different way for exercising (see idea 20), but now I am thinking more about all the other things we do. What if you have to vacuum the house and you could simply put on your 3D virtual headset and your house would transform into exotic-planet where you are looking for prices with your metal detector.

Or when you have to write a report and you find yourself in a room with IAs to speak to and visual representation of what you are trying to convey in the report. You will move things around with your hand and can even change your office setting to what ever you like (.. Sit in Leonard Da Vinci’s study).

This could be applied to so many things. Can you imagine picking up a book and decide that today you want to read at the beach in Thailand or next to one of the pyramids in Egypt. It is a brave new world!

Complexity 4 / 5
Viability 4 / 5
Impact 4 / 5
Estimated start-up cost $1M+

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