Trick to get Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Picture Office IconOne of the tools I have missed since switching over to iOS is the Microsoft Office Picture Manager. This simple tool made it very easy to manager your photos into folder. I have failed in finding a tool that as easily allows me to copy photos into selected folders without amending the original folder. It also has simple editing tools, which is less important to me.

Recently I have started going through my millions of photos, both because one of my external drive failed (luckily I got my photos back after forking out $600) and also because both Flickr and Dropbox now offer 1TB space in the cloud.

To that end I set up my old windows server computer and installed office 365. Next the plan was to copy all my photos there, organise and sync to Dropbox. To my horror, I then realised that Microsoft has dropped the Office Picture Manager.

They happily point you towards other editing tools they have, missing the point of the organising power the Picture Manager had. And it is not being offered as a stand alone version either.

After some search I found a solution and it worked!


  1. Go here and download the Sharepoint Designer 2007
  2. Double click on the file
  3. When you get to INSTALL, press the Customize button underneath
  4. That will show you all the different files/programs included in this installation
  5. In there, in a subdirectory, you will find Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  6. Select that – and Install



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