The Teams of SWCHCH 2014

The Startup Weekend Christchurch 2014 was a great success with over 75 participants, 12 mentors, 8 volunteers and 4 judges. The event was held at the young Epic building in centre of Christchurch, which was perfect for several reasons. With open space that easily held this enthusiastic group of people, and with the entrepreneurial spirits flowing from the regular tenants, we all ended up having an absolute blast of a time.

Photo credit Mark Tantrum ( )
Photo credit Mark Tantrum ( )

Friday kicked of with some pre-drinks at the Stray Dog across the road, but from 6 it was full on at Epic. Rowan Yeoman was our facilitator for the weekend and we couldn’t have asked for a better one. He quickly had people lining up to share their ideas, with 36 ideas being presented in one minute pitch each. As if by magic people concentrated around 9 of these ideas within about 30 minutes, got their desk space, and started working.

The mentors came around regularly to check on progress and to provide advice if needed. We were in luck as the mentoring group was very strong and all were around for the whole weekend. Thanks to them all for their contribution to making this such a great weekend. Between wonderful food being arranged for us by our army of volunteers, and with the little sleep we all had, the teams managed to develop their ideas for presentation on Sunday night to an impressive panel of judges.

And here is the list of teams. Thanks to all of you for participating and all the best in future. Hopefully we will see you all at our next event.

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HouseIntel (Winner)

Team HouseIntel

Logo HouseIntel

Description: Houseintel wants to reduce the cost to potential buyers of properly investigating a house. We want buyers to be able to obtain building inspection reports from certified building inspectors at half price. Through this we expect fewer buyers to be caught out by substandard inspection reports.

To begin with we are offering to pre-purchase building inspection reports as soon as auctions are listed (where the vendor does not supply one) and sell them on our website at half price. Buyers can search for houses for sale on our website and see them on a map including a general overview and extra helpful information such as school zones. While viewing a house an inspection report can be purchased, or if we have not purchased a report for that house, they can register interest.

As an independent third party working on behalf of buyers we are careful to choose thorough specialist building inspectors.

Team: Alan C, Alan W, Cody H, Del R, Jon S, Menno S, Pleayo T, Raphael N & Tracy C


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One Great Gift (Runner up)

Team One.Great.Gift

Logo One Great GiftDescription: The online platform for funding group gifts: bring your friends, family and work colleagues together using social media to fund one great gift through our gift store (including great experiences for thrill seekers!) or withdraw the funds to buy one great gift elsewhere.

Team: Brent D, Cam R, Ellen P, Max P, Paul H, Ria C, Savva K, Sheralee M & Dr. Terry F.


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Contact: email

Film Collective NZ

Film Collective logo_3Description: The Film Collective NZ is the connection between recently graduated filmmakers and small to medium businesses that require professional high-quality media. We seek to reward our Talent’s professional skills through the creation of opportunities where they can gain crucial work experience. We believe every organisation has a unique story to tell.

This connection creates affordable marketing for organisations, while bridging the gap between study and the commercial environment for talented graduates. At the Film Collective we value innovation and a positive, professional attitude. Our Talent are brand representatives who demonstrate their passion for film and will represent the Collective, as well as themselves, in the high quality of their productions.

Team: Anna B, Blair A, Camia Y, Erica A, Hugh M, Lucy B & Vanessa D


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Food Flow

Team FoodFlow


Description: Food Flow offers a simple, visual process of cooking methods in an easy-to follow, logical sequence. Select a recipe from our website and we translate that recipe into a flow diagram auto-magically. Join the food flow!

Team: Chris G, Ed S, Luke M, MIchelle P, Richard M & Synco R


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Team Footprintz

Logo Footprintz

Description: “An application for people who meet people” Footprintz helps you remember where you’ve been and who you’ve seen. Avoid painful embarrassment and missed business deals by making it super easy to track your interactions in group situations.

Get a competitive advantage, see history and context – where, when and the notes for all of the people you meet in real-life. Visualize the group you are with by connectedness, group role or organization. Our innovative group set-up makes all of this effortless – get up and running instantly and share contact information.

Team: Andrew M, Jodi O, Jonathan W, Jonothan A, Kyle W, Natalie E, Owen F & Ral L.


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Team LifePrompt

Logo LifePrompt

Description: LifePrompt is the world’s first interactive memory curating service. LifePrompt prompts you to create deep personal memories at a time that suits you. These memories are combined to create a meaningful narrative for reflection and to share with loved ones. LifePrompt; where you can take a moment to make a memory.

Team: Bronwyn S, Dean H, Elise B, Guy H, Jono E, Joshua U, Robert B & Will B.

Website: (not up yet)

Social Media: FacebookTwitterPledgeme

Local Pantry

Team LocalPantry

Logo Local PantryDescription: We’re the Local Pantry team and we are helping connect merchants and consumers of locally produced products.

Our team is focused on the fact that it is difficult to easily find food producers in our area that you can buy directly from. We think this is an important issue to address as buying locally produced food is sustainable and good for the planet, contributes back to the local economy, helps strengthen our communities and most importantly, is very tasty.

We are creating a platform that enables people to find all of the opportunities to buy locally produced goods in their area, be it from someone selling veggies from their garden, a cafe selling their own coffee or a farm wanting to open up new revenue channels. We want it to be as simple as possible for anyone to sell goods. Our prototype website is live right now, at

Team: Anake G, Fiona A, Henry F, Josephine J, Justim M, Miranda M, Natalie S, Nick J & Stephen P


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Team SkillSnap

Logo Skillsnap

Description: We are a recruitment service that connects small businesses with skilled part-time workers. Our team of 6 developed a CV database where we could “”snap”” together skilled workers wanting only part time or flexible work with small businesses who are not able to employ full time but want a quality candidate with industry experience.

The point of difference is that not only can the employer view the CV and skill set match but also an on-line marketing video of candidates selling their skills. This saves the employer time and money, allowing them to quickly assess whether they will fit into the small business culture. The employer only pays once a successful snap has been made.

Team: Dana D, Holly P, John W, Juergen B, Karla G & Tessa P.


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Description: Ideas broker that collects curates and commercialises client ideas for entrepreneurs.

Team: Anastassia K, David P, Deirdre K, Floyd R, Gill D, Kevin J & Wallace W.


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