Stop Eating – Idea 70/365

You must be laughing now, as this idea is surely not new. And I do not think it is even impossible either. My thinking here is that when you want to go on a diet, or even if you just want to think of your health, you have a very difficult time buying in groceries and cooking. Recently I tried this, and beside having to eat differently to my family (as they eat lots of rice and bread), I found it to be expensive and time consuming. This I have seen as well in several documentaries where it is cheaper for families in America to go out for McDonalds meal rather than buy in healthy groceries.

What if you could just stop eating, and have a pill instead? Surely we can create package pills or bars (and yes, I know we have some type of chocolate energy bars, but it is not really what I am referring to).

A nutritional calculation might say that you need 8000 calories a day. Trying to do that by cooking and eating normal food is very difficult. I would love to be able to just skip eating and have tablets instead. My diet recipe might look like this than: Take 4 tablets a day, each 2000 calories, and drink 2 liters of water with each of them. Then walk for 45min a day, and do 50 situps.

Now I am not a nutritionist, so I can’t really speak to the potential downside of this, but surely this would be an easier option for people. Even if it was a combination with some other stuff. Eat a breakfast, but then take 3 pills for the rest of the day.

And maybe this could even help people that are simply hungry and need to eat? We must be able to pack all the nutritions and energy we need into a small pill or a bar, for a very little money. In essence WHY do we need to eat?

PS. Well, I just did something that I had promised myself not to do – I searched on Google after writing this. Mostly because as I was writing it, it was just like… of course. And I found that yes, just in the last few years someone started this.

Complexity 2 / 5
Viability 4 / 5
Impact 5 / 5
Estimated start-up cost < $250K

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