Smell No More – Idea 81/365

Yesterdays idea about men’s clothing accessory brought this idea to the front of my mind. Well lets be honest. It is not so much an idea, as being a problem requiring a solution. We all have body odour, and while that is accepted as a fact, the smell of it isn’t! Luckily this is not a big issue for me, but it is not either a non-issue.

What if this problem was just eliminated! I sometimes suspect that scientist have already discovered how to totally block or hide body odour, but that the commercial implication are not favourable

(like my toothpaste claim – in idea 16).

The problem is three fold, possibly requiring three solutions, or at least two:

People sweat and smell. This is the problem that most companies have already solved. You can easily drench yourself in deodorant to simply hide your own stinky self. And, if you were naked it would work – which brings us to problem two.

People’s clothes take on the sweat and are even bigger stinky provider than the host. This is where my biggest issue comes in. I sweat a tiny bit and it gets in my clothes, and instantly I start to smell (at least to me) as if I never shower. Surprisingly little has been done about this. I did hear many years ago that you need to wash your clothes in a special way if you ever sweat big in them. If anyone remembers that house trick, please leave it in the comment. And I think there is something to this, as if I use a T-shirt in heavy gardening work it is never the same after it. Like my body sweat simply ruins the material. But this brings us to the third problem.

People’s clothes / armpits become wet. Personally, this is the one I hate the most. You might be all dressed for the occasion, even smell wonderful but then you realise that your shirt is wet under your armpits! Ohhh how professionally awesome! NOT!

Clearly this is a big problem and why can’t we just solve it by just putting a patch under our armpits and cross out all the three problems in one? Anyone?

Complexity 2 / 5
Viability 4 / 5
Impact 4 / 5
Estimated start-up cost < $250k

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