Read for Kids all Over the World – Idea 85/365

It is wonderful how many parents read for their kids in the evening though the sad thing is that not all kids experience that. My idea today is a little bit out there – and to be honest I am not sure how to execute it.

What if your reading could be recorded and played for other kids as well? There would be an app or a website, where you sign up and order your head gear. The parent would place that on the heads, and clip on their smartphone and press recording. As they read the story for their kids, the camera will follow their eyes and hear their voice.

Kids that do not have parents reading for them, or that might have parents busy some evenings – or simply enjoy listening to other people reading them stories, could view it there. Clearly there would have to be some sort of quality control and not sure who would be paying (or getting paid). But the vision is rather nice, of kids being able to check out endless, authentic, reading of books.

Complexity 2 / 5
Viability 3 / 5
Impact 3 / 5
Estimated start-up cost < $500k

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