Part of Earth will be Your Responsibility – Idea 29/365

As promised, today is also about saving our little planet. And maybe variations of this idea are already present. It has to do with allowing individuals to make an impact in a meaningful way, while ensuring that their contribution is actually doing some good.

What if you could semi-purchase a piece of land and become its guardian? Imagine that an organisation would select a large piece of land and get the approval of local government to take on the reservation and maintenance of that area. To pay for it, it would set a price for each hectare or so, and people would become its guardian by paying a yearly fee. This model has worked well with sponsorship of kids, where you can pay a monthly fee to help kids in poor areas of the world be educated and fed.

To make this interesting in land protection, one could imagine that live webcams would be placed at regular intervals, and/or that overview video will be taken once a year of your hectare. Information would be provided on the health of the land, and what plant and animal life is present.

Approaching the protection of land this way would be highly beneficial for areas that require some type of action. This money would pay for conservation action, such as re-introducing types of plants or animals back onto the land, removal of buildings or roads and so on and so forth.

[one_two_first]Complexity: 2 / 5
Viability: 4 / 5[/one_two_first]
[one_two_second]Impact: 4 / 5
Estimated Startup Cost:  <$200K For a test site[/one_two_second]


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