Listen to the Diamonds in the Rough – Idea 41/365

I am not a music nerd and can hardly name more than 30 bands in total before I start to struggle. Recalling the names of songs or band members is impossible for me. So this idea is somewhat from left field for me. If you are into the music scene big time, you might just tell me now that this idea has been done already. But I have not heard of it and I think it is a rather exciting idea.

What if you could listen/watch a music station that ONLY plays unpublished music? Ok, so I guess someone would have to define what ‘published’ is as that might be murky waters these days. What I am thinking here is that musicians that have nothing published or at the very least have not published that particular song before, can simply upload it to a website.

The listener can choose to listen to the stream, but they have no control over what they hear except possibly a genre. A listing of all songs he has heard will be saved should they ever want to go back to it. Before each song there is an announcement of who the artist is and the name of the song. The listener can also choose to just search for new music, or to look over the list of what has been played for them already.

Of course the listener can vote and like the music, and in that way, musicians might get a record deal one day. The minute that song is published, it gets a tick next to it, and even though it stays available if people search for it, it will now never be played again at random.

I see this as a wonderful way to constantly discover music based on people’s (band’s) willingness to share it, and the algorithm’s ability to know what you are likely to like. Of course I know that bands can already do this, by uploading on YouTube or just Facebook, but my idea here is more concentrated.  If you upload it to this website, someone will hear it, someone will have the ability to like it (or hate it?), without having to search for it.

[one_two_first]Complexity: 2 / 5
Viability: 5 / 5[/one_two_first]
[one_two_second]Impact: 2 / 5
Estimated Startup Cost:  <$500k [/one_two_second]


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