Light Sensors Everywhere – Idea 49/365

Light pollution is a strange term but a pretty serious one. Besides the wasted amount of resources, such as electricity and light bulbs, it ruins our night sky and apparently has adverse affects on nature. We are all guilty of this at home, in offices and mostly with street lighting.

What if all lights had to be on sensors? This seems like such an easy regulation and with today’s cheap technology, a simple thing to achieve. If all street lights, office buildings and homes were required to have their lights on sensors it might reduce some of the light pollution.

When I go out walking in the evenings in the small village where I live there is no one around. However, every street is illuminated and, even if not excessively, it is not really required. It seems such an easy solution to just have sensors that will turn the lights on if there is any movement around. It could be like a movement turns on 300m and stays on for 15min, or it could even be gradual on and off, so as you walk through a street it will always be brightest where you are. That would also make sure that the whole city isn’t like a blinking Christmas tree.

Clearly there are some complications, like what if it is windy, does that mean the whole city will all of a sudden be lit up as tree branches in the wind will be turning on all of the street lights?   And are there some safety issues? Still surprised though that this hasn’t already been implemented across the world.

[one_two_first]Complexity: 4 / 5
Viability: 4 / 5[/one_two_first]
[one_two_second]Impact: 4 / 5
Estimated Startup Cost:  <$250K For viable prototypes [/one_two_second]


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