Invisible Life Jackets – Idea 82/365

Sometimes we have technology that is so basic, and has even existed for years in a certain area or industry, but that hasn’t been adapted anywhere else. Few days ago I had to fly from Christchurch to Wellington and during the safety briefing the auto inflatable airplane life-west gave me an idea or even more of a question.

Why aren’t all boat life west this way? Every time I go on a boat, I am either required to wear a life jacket or at least my children are. Should these by now be just thin nice jackets – even with the logo of the boat company – that would auto-inflate if you pulled on the string or if submerged in water?

Additionally my thinking was that clothes for sailing should just have these built into them. Of course for those you would need some type of a switch to turn of the “inflate if submerged in water”-feature as you might just need to wash your clothes sometimes.

Finally, this idea might already be out there, but it leaves me with the question why we still hang on to old fashion life jackets.

Complexity 1 / 5
Viability 5 / 5
Impact 3 / 5
Estimated start-up cost < $500k for designer prototype

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