How Many KM are You Buying – Idea 79/365

This idea is similar to idea 69, which was about each individually produced product, and tracking everything that went into them. This idea relates to each product as a type, and their origin, concentrating on the distance it travels. It is a simpler idea in execution and can also be done by the stores as apposed to the manufacturer.

What if you could simply scan your product and it would tell you how far it travelled. This tool would be to help consumers set their own limits in how many long distance products they purchase. The implementation would, or could, be at the hands of individual stores. They would place a sticker on the shelf that had a barcode on it. When you scan it, it would place the product, possibly it’s price, but above all the amount of km it took for it to reach the store in your app. Then it would add all your products together. People might set themselves a limit and only allow themselves 5000km for each $200 spent.

Clearly this wouldn’t have to be accurate up to the end degree, but potentially just by country. The consumer would soon get a feeling (and the labels could even be colour coded based on the length – green close, red far away) for if he is purchasing products locally or short-distance made, or if they are maybe buying something they really do not need that has travelled half way around the globe.

I believe that simple ideas like that might change consumer behaviour more than any preaching.

Complexity 1 / 5
Viability 4 / 5
Impact 3 / 5
Estimated start-up cost < $50k

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