Find your Birthday Partner – Idea 84/365

This idea is so simple, and was triggered by the recent Sense8 TV series, which I enjoyed a lot. It is meant to be a social experiment and at the same time connector in the same way as idea 4. To be honest, as I think about it, this is the same as idea 4 – just backwards compatible!

What if we could find people that were born at the same moment as we were around the world? You would simply sign up on the website and state what date, year and time you were born, along with the time zone. Then you can set parameters, for example – anyone born in the same hour, or the same 10min – or maybe only if they were born the same minute.

Then if the app finds someone, it will make an introduction to the level you (or the other person has specified). Maybe it would say: “Here is a female in Finland born on the same day as you, would you like to send her an email”.

Then people could take it as far or as short as they want to. There could even be a club of people, all born on the same minute around the world – not unlike Sense8 – though I doubt they will have the same natural connection.

Complexity 1 / 5
Viability 5 / 5
Impact 2 / 5
Estimated start-up cost < $50k

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Photo Credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
nasamarshall – License

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