Contribute your Skills to 1000s of Startups – Idea 73/365

The rate of new startups is growing, most likely exponentially as so many other things today. Putting a new startup together is somewhat of a challenge and not for everyone. The reason is that you need so many different skills. I, myself along with co-founders, have started about 5 different ventures and participated to some extend in several more. What I learned during that was, along other things, that most of my time and sometimes cost went into admin tasks and overhead, and that my biggest issue was lack of skill in certain area.

For example I never hired a graphic designer, and constantly needed design and even more so UX design. Additionally, I hired programmers that might have been good at one part of the required programming, but not in others. On top of that, each time I went through this process I made mistakes that could have been avoided.

What if you could simply do one part of the process but in hundreds of startups? A organisation would be created that would create the process flow and signups for each project. Someone (like me) that is full of idea might kick it off with some outlines of potential startups. Another might pick of these ideas and make the business plan for it (or lean canvas). acheter viagra Someone, who is a good organisor, communicator and manager, will then take this on as their organizational task. They will be responsible for picking the best solution/work at each stage and to push the project forward.

Each of the players are volunteering their time towards the project, and sometimes they might even be competing. For work that is picked/used for the

startup, the creator gets predetermined amount of equity and even income/profit for the first one year. The organisation will also take equity. As people take part in more and more projects, they are more likely to hit on a winner. Hopefully that will lead them to becoming part of a startup that now requires a proper full time team of people to run in.  Or at the minimum they will begin to earn from this.

One way to think of this is a combination of Kickstarter and Fiverr. But no money is exchanging hands until the product/software/startup has began earning. Of course there have been variation of this idea before. Incubators are sort of a more controlled version of this and maybe even accelorators. This idea though is more in line with the crowd picking and the crowd contribution and the crowd benefitting.

Complexity 1 / 5
Viability 5 / 5
Impact 3 / 5
Estimated start-up cost < $100k for initial website

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