Busy Signal without Calling – Idea 86/365

Phones have changed a lot since I was a young man. When they were only at home, you would run to get it, if someone called, and some people even had answering machines. Later we got our mobile phones and for a while we would quickly answer them as well. Lately though, we are surely all getting rather tired of the phone  and how we are always supposed to be available.

What if the phone knew if the person is available or not? Hear me out. Currently if I want to reach someone over the phone, I will have to dial their number. Option one is that I get a busy signal or in some cases it will go straight to voice mail. This will require you to call them again, or for them to first call their mailbox and than potentially calling you back. The

other option is of course that you catch them when it is not convenient and the person might answer but have little time to actually talk.

With todays technology I think we should simply be able to select a number (or a person in our address book) and the phone would just tell us if the person can receive a phone call at that point. Your phone should have an easy setting that states if you are available, if you only want important phone calls, or if you are unavailable. The person wanting to call, can simply press a “need to talk” button, which will let the other person know next time they change their access to available.

This should reduce 80% of people’s phone time. In my case I feel like I spend most of my time trying to reach people or answering / listening to voice messages from other people.

Complexity 2 / 5
Viability 3 / 5
Impact 1 / 5
Estimated start-up cost < $250k

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