Best Product at the Best Price at the Best Quantity in the Right Place – Idea 42/365

I do have a fascination with paying regular fees instead of one offs. Such as idea 8 and somewhat 10 & 28. And at the same time, using technology to help us protect the earth is very high on my mind. This idea is very much about that, but could also be linked to being healthy, diverse and supportive of community.

What if you paid a single amount a week for each of the main food types grown/captured in your area, and always got the best priced one? Let us take the local vegetable grower. If you pay him $20 a week, and once or twice a week he will bring you enough fresh in-season vegetables  for three people. Same goes for fruit, meat & fish. Why do that?

Well first of all, it is going to be available at the best price. It will be at the time the grower has an abundance (being in-season), or when he needs to clear his warehouse of those products.

It is going to be fresh. If the provider can sell what he has straight away there is no incentive to store it, reducing the amount he would have to pay in storage fees.

Then there is the regularity of the price and amount provided. Slowly both provider and subscriber will learn what is the right amount and it will make budgeting at home easier and there will be no waste.

Finally, as this is all locally produced product, it will save the planet in not having a long supply chains. Oh, and it will support local businesses, increasing the wellbeing of your community.

And, yes, I do realise that some things have to be worked through in order for the system not to be too easily manipulated. After all, you wouldn’t want to subscribe to just the leftover scraps from each producer.

[one_two_first]Complexity: 1 / 5
Viability: 3 / 5[/one_two_first]
[one_two_second]Impact: 2 / 5
Estimated Startup Cost:  <$300K [/one_two_second]


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