Become a World Citizen – Idea 57/365

As with some of my ideas, this one is very close to my heart and an old one at that. We struggle with wars, mostly due to us identifying with different countries and/or religion. And we do not even have any idea how many of our countrymen want to be fighting in these wars. How many share the belief that we should identify ourselves by different countries, rather than simply being ‘from Earth”?

What if you could register to be a World Citizen? This is tiny bit related to idea 5, but remember that such an idea is not an optional one, while this one is. The organisation/website would have ten? commandments of sort (not religious though) or a type of constitution, which you would have to agree with in order to become a world citizen. These could be along the lines of:

  • I believe in the prosperity of the human race across all borders, location and time, as long as it does not infringe on our world or the rights of our fellow citizens.
  • I believe in peace and the resolution of conflicts or disagreements through conversation and judicial process.
  • I believe in freedom of expression
  • I believe all should have access to food, water and internet
  • …and so on.

Along with this people would get their own IDs, passports & earth number, to help them identify themselves as Earth citizen. Of course this would not replace their nationality, but it will support them in demonstrating their believe in something broader and bigger.

As this group becomes larger it can hopefully use it influence to support the core values and even make a better world through it.

[one_two_first]Complexity: 1 / 5
Viability: 2 / 5[/one_two_first]
[one_two_second]Impact: 3 / 5
Estimated Startup Cost:  <$100K For the website[/one_two_second]


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