Amazing MOC – Avtoros Shaman 8×8

There are already several Facebook groups that I have liked, and even marked as ‘show me all updates in my feed’ type of thing. That is mostly to be exposed to some of the amazing builds out there, and to share in the happiness of some people posting their latest builds. These are the FB group/pages I track so far:

Well through these I am seeing some amazing MOCs, anything from tiny genius and beautiful ones, to bigger ones, huge ones, massive ones, brilliant, and so on.

Mostly for myself I want to post some of the ones I think are amazing.

OH, and I found out that it is close to easy to find the parts and instructions for many of these, such as the one I am posting today.

This one I found on a site called ‘Rebrickable’ – where you can tell them what bricks you have – and they will tell you what you can build. AMAZING.

That is a subject for a whole other post. But at the front page I saw something that is really of interest to me. Big off-road vehicle that you can live in. I loved the look and realised quickly it is built as a replica of a real vehicle (that I had never seen before). And then I watched the video and saw that it was a treasure box. Full of complex features, remotely controlled, and versatile.

Here is what I know about the builder:

  • User name Madoca1977 on Rebrickable
  • Same user name on YouTube
  • And here is a photo of him:


To look at this model, you can go here:

  • Rebrickable
  • Instructions (411 photos) are here
  • The bricks required are listed here
    • Apparently there is Sbricks not included in the parts-list. (first time I come across that)
  • Discussion on this on eurobricks

Well, enjoy. And comment on subject such as, do you know of similarly cool MOCs, and have you built this model yourself?

Copyright: All photos, and the MOC, are to my understanding the creation of Madoca1977, and therefore he holds all rights to these. If Madoca1977 would like me to remove this post, please get in touch and I will do so immediately.

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