Accessory-Dream come True – Idea 80/365

I have had my own stiff-upper-lip gentleman for a boss! Now arguably he is from Austria, but his sense of proper behaviour and proper clothing is spot on. I have learned more about how to dress in the last two years than the previous 20. But it is terribly expensive and complex. Of course it is not as complex as I imagine it being for most women, but still! In the past I learned lessons such as “never wear socks with your sandals“.  Today I am learning; what types of shirts you should wear with what type of a jacket; hat you should never wear the same shoes two days in a row as they need to breath. And I have been learning about the colour coordination of belts and shoes. So todays idea is:

What if your clothes accessories could change colour? Imagine if you had a belt and a pair of shoes, and you could simply rub them or click a button and they would switch colour. This means you could really match up your accessory to your garment and not simply go for black or brown like I do (my boss has pink, grey, blue and green combination of shoes and belt – but I am clearly not there yet).

Though this idea is born out of my personal need for more variety, this would of course be even more useful for females. Imagine if they could match their shoes, belts, handbag and scarf? They could even match them, but in slightly different shade of that… red!

Of course I do not have the technology answers for this idea, but surely someone does? Get it touch!

Complexity 3 / 5
Viability 3 / 5
Impact 3 / 5
Estimated start-up cost < $500k

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